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  • 132021-01

    Innovation Ability

    Agile Manufacturing was founded in 1989, and it is a high-tech state-owned enterprise, which specializes in producing fine chemicals an...
  • 132021-01

    Innovation System

    Agile Manufacture Biological Fermentation Organic Synthesis Polymerization Functional Material Graft Modification Wastewater Trea
  • 082020-09


    ● The 2nd Guangdong Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise ● "A thickener for liquid lotion and its preparation method and applicati...
  • 082020-09

    Innovative product certification

    Products that have obtained the "Key New Product" certificate issued by the province: "FX-303 wet rubbing fastness improver", "Scourin...
  • 082020-09

    Intellectual property

    The leading products manufactured by Agile are all pioneered at home and abroad, with completely independent intellectual property righ...
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