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Established in 1999 in Qingyuan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Agile Mfg is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of fine chemicals such as high molecule materials and surfactants, as well as the specialization of technology and diversification of products, and all our products are independently developed by our company. Every year, a number of invention patents and new products of Agile Mfg successfully win national patents, province-level and municipal scientific and technological achievements, technological innovation awards and honors; moreover, we undertake a number of national, province-level, and municipal scientific and technological plan projects, and obtain the fund supports of a number of key technology projects. Up to now, our company has successively certificated to ISO19001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and intellectual property management system. At present, Agile Mfg is a national high-tech enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, an intellectual property demonstration enterprise in Guangdong Province, an outstanding private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province, and an innovation type pilot enterprise in Guangdong Province, a clean production enterprise in Guangdong Province, an independent innovation demonstration enterprise in Guangdong Province, a key intellectual property enterprise and a superior enterprise in Qingyuan City.

In order to overcome the technical difficulties of its own surfactant wastewater treatment technology in 2001, Agile Mfg successfully invented the ecological restoration technology of smart micro-battery relying on in-depth research and master on the formation mechanism of various types of industrial wastewater with more than 20 years of interdisciplinary, cross-field and more than 100 cost-effective fine chemical product development and application experience, as well as the principle of micro-electrolysis. Up to now, our company has obtained a number of national invention patents including materials, preparations, processes, devices, and methods.  In 2006, we invested and established Qingyuan Zhongjie Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. for focusing on the engineering application and industrialization promotion, and achieved many breakthrough results by now. In 2010, we established "Qingyuan City Industrial Wastewater Treatment Engineering Technology R&D Center", which has successfully completed more than 50 industrial production wastewater deep treatment projects. In 2014, it became the key promotion technology of aquatic healthy ecological aquaculture of the Foshan Agriculture Bureau, and was successfully applied in more than 120 aquaculture companies in tens of thousands of square meters of aquaculture water; in 2015, it completed the water environment key protection project of the Guangdong Province Water Resources Bureau: Qingyuan Haizai Mingqu Agile Micro Battery Water Ecological Treatment Project, this project is the first invention: in an open water body to realize the simultaneous treatment of black and smelly muddy water , and get effects on the same day, and offer a long-term effective ecological restoration project demonstration.

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